TWC Song Challenge review : Thor

Title : Thor
Difficulty : Basic
Challeger : Male, 40 years old (6 months of rhythm game experience)

I could hear comfortable sounds and tempo from the start. This made me enjoy the game without any tension. 
Also all the muscles of my fingers got relaxed with the appropriate level of slide patterns. 
When I started to play the song, I naturally focused on the falling Thor’s hammer. But It is not exactly the same as the hammer of #ChrisHemsworth
Before this disappointment disappears, the pattern ‘attack’ of Thor begins. 
I tried not to be panic, but I acknowledged my defeat by #fingercrampcame with the right-hand patterns after left-hand cymbals note.
I told myself several times not to lose focus while I was playing the game, as I got back confident during the ‘Mini’ note part
I was a little bit frustrated when I noticed that ‘Thor’ is a woman, however I didn’t lose my concentration. (I was a lot better than I thought…)
During the 800 combo phase, I was in the most dangerous situation. I couldn’t decide whether to see patterns or the eyes. This made me really got crazy.

Was that a relief from overcoming a crisis?
I continuously missed the notes which are not that difficult so that I couldn’t got gold medal.

In summary, the best part in this game is that the ‘rhythm’ of the music is appropriately reorganized for the rhythm game. 
However, I don’t recommend it to the beginners. 
The beginners don’t’ have to be bothered with ‘Pro’ level. The gold medal from the ‘Basic’ level is much better.

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