Interview with the Dev team vol.1

- You have a new project called TAPSONIC World Champion. What kind of game is it?


: TAPSONIC World Champion succeeded to the original identity of 30 million downloaded mobile rhythm game TAPSONIC.

<TAPSONIC in 2011>

<TAPSONIC in 2011>

&lt; TAPSONIC World Champion  in developing&gt;

<TAPSONIC World Champion in developing>

- Which projects did you base your game on while developing it?

At first, we wanted to make it easy and simple for everyone like “Piano Tiles 2” of Cheetah mobile.

The game play is not exactly the same but I hope TAPSONIC World Champion become to have worldwide users as “Piano Tiles 2”.

Plus, we did download and play almost every rhythm game on the App store and Google play store such as “DJMAX” series, “DEEMO” and “Dynamix” to make unique game play of our own.

Also we recently visited Japan to refer the trend of Japanese arcade game.


- How do you evaluate the readiness of the project?

Unlike other genres, rhythm game has its own difficulties to overcome, for example, no.1 : Sync. No.2 is Sync and No.3 is SYNC again. Plus, many other efforts and failures helped us a lot to improve the quality of the game.  

We especially worked hard on the visual effect. We used various videos in the UI to make the users feel the game dynamic.  Also many particles and animations were used for the same purpose.

 - Is there any difficulty while working on this game?

In order to lower the device requirements, all aspects in the game were built in very basic method. We especially concerned the optimization since the rhythm game should maintain 60 frames out of any mobile environment. Besides, we want the graphic performance to be the best among the game released in 2017. 

With all these difficulties and trials, current TAPSONIC World Champion build has completed.

- Do you have any other comment to the players?

There’s only one wish while I’m developing the game – To make users enjoy it. It’s been 7 years since the first TAPSONIC was released. The Game’s resolution is a lot higher than that of recent mobile games and even the BGA has added. However, we’ve been working hard to adapt the system requirements similar to those of original TAPSONIC. 

Da eun Chung